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Is your old waistline in there somewhere? 
Fromm AARP
You exercise and eat okay, but the pudge around your waist keeps expanding?

The reason: sarcopenia the natural decrease in muscle mass that occurs as you age, for men about 5 pounds of muscle per decade after the age of 30. Muscle burns more calories and fat, so the less muscle you have the easier it is for your body to turn excess calories into fat. For men that extra fat tends to accumulate around the belly, for women the butt and thighs. That’s Troublesome because the fat that lives deep in your abdominal cavity produces hormones and chemicals that can raise your risk of high cholesterol, insulin resistance, and inflammation. 

Try this, muscle up!
Healthy man who added weight training to their workout put on less belly fat then did guys who just added more cardio activity, according to a Harvard study. The Center for Disease Control and prevention recommends weight training at least twice a week along with 30 minutes of aerobic exercise most days. Core training can help tone and Define those apps as well. 

Eat less a moderately active, 50-year-old man who is at a healthy weight needs only 2,400 calories a day 200 fewer than he needed in his thirties, form the 2015 US Department of Agriculture Dietary Guidelines. Cut your slice of pie and half and you’ll chop 200 calories; a light beer saves you about 50 calories. To get a better sense of what you’re taking in download a free calorie counter app such as my dietary diary, or lose it. 

Shrink your plate. Many of us eat portions that are 30% larger than optimal. Research shows that smaller plates lead to smaller portions and about 22% fewer calories. 

Consult a doctor before starting an exercise regime and now if you’re thirsty all day, have to pee more often, or chronically tired or have blurred vision. Visceral fat, the kind with your within your abdomen, can boost your blood sugar increasing your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Remember any positive action is a step forward. Good luck.

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