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“When I started seeing Scott Coldwell at Phoenix Massage & Personal Training, I could barely move
my neck. My upper spine and neck were twisted and in spasm. At that time, I also saw a
chiropractor for regular adjustments for years but saw no improvement. In the past I had received
physical therapy to some relief but it was not enough to get me on the path to recovery. My right
knee was also in need of a total replacement.

Through weekly massage therapy, Scott was able to identify the problem and slowly but surely my
neck and upper back were relieved of the pressure and spasms. I was able to progress to weekly
personal training sessions to strengthen my neck and back. I haven’t seen a chiropractor in over 1
year. During our training sessions we also focused on strengthening my knee in preparation for surgery.

The next step in my recovery was to start the Isagenix diet plan. Since I had severe knee problems and weakness, I was not able to do weight barring exercise to increase my metabolism in order to lose weight. I wanted to drop some weight before surgery to lighten the weight load on new knee. Over 4 weeks, I was so thrilled to lose over 12 pounds. In addition to my surprise, I lost several inches in my abdomen due to bloating. I haven’t had a flat abdomen since before my son was born! All this happened without being able to do aerobic walking and exercise.

It has been 3 months since my surgery and I maintain my weight and size by using Isagenix. I am
confident that I can also maintain a healthy diet and exercise. I hope to possibly lose a few more

Thank you Scott, for your all your training and expertise. I now have a happier and healthier lifestyle.”

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